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Customer Service: Transformation in the Age of Learning
2 de junho de 2014 | Grupo Bridge

The Client:

National company of Solutions for Payment Means.

The conditions:

Due to the lack of homogeneity of information and knowledge management, our client was facing a business challenge aimed at customer service, which directly impacted the satisfaction level of the same in relation to the services offered. There was a need to contribute to the formation of a cell service that could provide speed and routing problems with more complex solutions, requiring a good level of technical and behavioral training alluding to the company's values.

The solution:

First, we surveyed the technical content of the training cell with Bridge methodolody, through in-person interviews with experts to build a single location map of each information for the training base. After this, we did the Knowledge mapping, i.e. the professional knowledge of the cell in the moment of the entry into the project in order to do a design. Then we conducted Multipliers and Training Behavioral programs, and trained professionals to internally develop Technical Training. To speed up the results, we conducted a Leadership Transition program, which aimed to improve the relationship and align expectations between the new leader and the group.


The main business indicator was the reduction in "backlog" (waiting in attendance) 84% of unsolved cases at 2nd level service. In addition, there was a 107% leap in the evolution of learning, 100% satisfaction with the program and 95% satisfaction of participants multipliers program. The results were so significant to the organization, that the cell was appointed by the executive committee of the company as a reference center

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