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Innovation applied to everyday life
9 de setembro de 2016 | Grupo Bridge

Our Client:

Multinational Financial Institution

The conditions:

In order to meet the challenge of the business, our client had the need to optimize processes and exceed results through a more protagonist attitude of its team of BackOffice employees stimulating incremental innovation (or procedural) in people. This means optimizing processes, maximizing resources and leverage talent. One of the difficult aspects is that the areas of BackOffice need to follow specific systems and processes, which inhibits the ability to innovate on a daily basis. Besides, it was necessary to demystify the idea that inovationapplies only to something great


Through a Teaching Strategy Focused on results (the Learning System for Innovation), the program included two in-person meetings and project tracking between meetings, enabling the practice, stimulating role and focusing on results. The approach included collective construction, action planning, project implementation, sharing of practices and learning records for knowledge management.


In addition to the high level of satisfaction of the participants, the program contributed to the cost reduction of more than R $ 30 million through innovation initiatives daily, favoring the optimization of processes and direct impact on business results

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