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For Society| Bridge 36,5°

That's exactly this... Thirty-Six and a Half Degrees Celsius is the typical temperature of the human body. No matter their origin, social class, or ethnicity, the temperature which normal rules people is this one. This characteristic of such human equality inspired the name of our Social brand. The Bridge Thirty-Six and Half is the definition of the Bridge Group's social responsibility; it is our contribution to the world. We are interested in attending in an equitable and also in a singular and extraordinary way, with a high level of quality, all the people and organizations that seek for their development.

The strategic vision of the Bridge Group proposes a consolidation of a Social Business, a new and sustainable model, based on the strengths of each component of the team. To do this, we became aware of our own path, as professionals in our company and on our planet. We also are on a journey of self-development, in which we acknowledge our mission in generating applied knowledge.

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What is Bridge 36,5°?
Bridge 36.5 ° is the Bridge Group's social responsibility front, in which it makes available part of the work time of its employees to serve non-governmental and civil society organizations free of charge. In other words, the same consultancy work provided to the contracting companies is also offered free of charge to NGOs and CSOs.

What is our Service for NGOs and CSOs?
Bridge 36.5 ° offers Human Development Consulting services focused on Leadership. In other words, they are Behavioral Training and Development programs that contribute to improve the primary skills of leadership and people management in the employees who work in these roles within the organizations. The program helps to develop and improve, for example, the ability to communicate with teams, to inspire and influence people, to give clear guidelines and to contribute to the culture of the organization, to organize the groups, functions, activities, the roles of each one, and everything that will make the energy and efforts of each one on the team channeled to the right place through proper leadership targeting.

Where and how this work is performed?

Consulting programs are tailored draw to each contracting organization. That is, firstly comes a diagnosis. From this point, we draw a project and work proposal, which can be adjusted with the contracting organization. Subsequently, we prepare a work schedule and begin the execution of the consulting or training program, which usually takes place within the contracting organization's own premises. It does not need much infrastructure. Generally, it is enough to have a room with some chairs, in which it is possible to organize the participants (leaders and staff managers). Sometimes we use some features like sheets, pens, and visual projection. And this we can adjust case-by-case and adapt during the project.

Who can participate in the Program for free?

The Bridge 36.5 ° Social Leadership Development Program is intended for all NGOs or CSOs that connect with our practice and believe that they need to develop their leaders to achieve even more social impact and result. If you would like the Bridge 36.5 ° to develop a customized consulting program for your organization, tell us a little more about you and we will be happy to get to know better your cause and to elaborate a development proposal. Fill in this form and wait for our contact.

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NGO Drucker Society Brazil-SP

In 2010, the desire to contribute directly to the society beyond the companies was formalized when the Bridge Group established a partnership with The Drucker Institute - USA, giving rise to the NGO Drucker Society Brazil-SP. The affinity between the two organizations came both by Peter Drucker's ideas and the purpose of offering a development program for high school students in public sector. The success of the program has brought opportunities for the development of young learners in companies and other institutions, reaching more than 2,000 young people in the last seven years. Currently, with the widest range of Bridge 36.5 ° social initiatives, the youth program has been incorporated into it.

Partnership with NGO AMAMI

In 2012, we entered into a partnership with the Enkyo Amami Center for Children and Adolescents, an institution that serves children and adolescents between 06 and 15 years of age in socio-cultural vulnerability situation. In this institution we performed a work to define and develop the roles and functions of employees and leaders, aligning of Amami’s results with its mission and values.

It was enriching to get in touch with the scenario and the challenges faced by the leaders and to contribute to the development and strengthening of the role of their collaborators.

"Bridge has staked on our work and has developed a program to improve the service, leadership, and assembly of Amami's social strategy. Bridge was very generous giving a lot of time to work with us during these months. It was a very positive result. Everything taught in 2012 is being used in 2013 and all the changes made have had a positive impact.” Willian, Manager of Amami.

Thank you Amami for providing us with this fantastic experience of taking part in your reality and being able to contribute, even minimally, to facilitate the accomplishment of such a significant work!

Partnership with NGO LAR MÃE DIVINO AMOR

In 2013, we got in touch the Lar Mãe Divino Amor, an NGO dedicated to providing specialized technical assistance to people with disabilities and creating conditions that favor the global development of their potential and their social inclusion. It also enables them to exercise their rights as citizens. For Sonia Senatore, founder and superintendent of the NGO, Bridge's assistance it has been fundamental for the whole organization to be aligned and engaged in the same objectives, to overcome the constant challenges of maintaining an NGO with the size of the Lar Mãe Divino Amor. We from Bridge would like to thank for the opportunity to contribute to this NGO to fulfill its mission and continue to provide society with a service of extreme importance.

Partnership with NGO CDHIC

In 2017, Bridge 36.5 ° entered into a partnership with the Immigrant Center for Human Rights and Citizenship (CDHIC), a civil society organization whose purpose is to promote actions for the construction of a migration policy that respects the human rights of immigrants and people in refugee situations.


The Bridge 36.5 ° ,drinking from the foutain of the Bridge Group, carries in its essence the mission to promote the integration between the people. Immigrants and people in situations of refuge, often vulnerable in the host countries, would like to be integrated and, at the same time, to be accepted and respected in their particularities.

By developing programs that support the organization, we have, as a direct consequence, the positive impact on the immigrant and refugee population. The CDHIC has both projects that work directly with the migrant, as well as legal, social and migratory regularization, such as those aimed at reaching public agents and building new paradigms on migration in the country. This is currently being done with the follow-up of the regulations related to the new migration law.


With this support, Bridge 36.5 reaffirms its commitment to build a more just, plural and democratic society for all.

The Ontic Journey

With the mission of promoting the development of people, at a time when the corporate world demands autonomy and participation, we became aware of our own path, as professionals, in our company, and on our planet. The Bridge Group is, therefore, the stage of our journey of self-development. We became aware of our mission to generate applied knowledge.

As we want more and more people and organizations to engage, we decided to express our journey and publish the steps we have drawn so that our business model achieves the result we want to society. Thus, we experience in our daily lives the actions we offer to other individuals and corporations. We call it as Ontic Journey; this private adventure of ours, but not exclusive, as it enables us to train, to educate, and to transform. It is our strategic vision that aims at a Social Business, a new and sustainable model, based on the strengths of each one. We decide to register and publish our itinerary, and we want you to feel free to join us. Get in touch with the work.

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