Customer Testimonials


"Grupo Bridge is excellent for any "Relationship" job. In addition to being a partner consultancy, they are open to discussions, flexible to think differently and review the solutions. They are very innovative and dynamic because they achieve results for business in a different and simple manner, even if sometimes it doesn't have to be thinking outside the box."


"The methodology and ability of Bridge's consultants gerarate highly personalized work. I see the results through climate improvement and through the satisfaction survey, that was the best we've had. This is also due to the partnership with Bridge."


"In the first year of partnership now we realize how much work Grupo Bridge impact on our business results. We realize more productivity, more assertiveness in hiring, in addition to the work environment that is much more comfortable, more cheerful and all managers closer to each other, the most integrated areas. I have to thank all that was done for us by the partnership, if it depends on us, will never end. "

Rodrigo Guimarães, Avenorte DIRECTOR

"Grupo Bridge particularity are, first, the strong quality ratio and also the commitment to our results. Currently, I can not work with other consultancies. After I met Grupo Bridge did not have to call anyone else for the development work that my area demand. "


"The Bridge has come to turn the tide when we were experiencing difficulty finding a partner that suited our need. They did more than that, contributed diagnostic insights and built the format that best attend to the perceived real scenario. It was the best job I've seen how HR today. Both the program's responsibility, which was to build the purpose and mission of the organization, as the sensitivity of advice to propose the best ways to get it right and make sense at all. In addition to the result, the whol e process was also very enjoyable for us and for the program participants. Not just me as HR, but my internal applicant (management contractor) were passionate about the solution, commitment and competence. I am very proud to have you as partners, not only this, but other work. I rely on Bridge eyes closed for any human development needs I have. I just think about you. And the word that defines my relationship with Grupo Bridge is 'trust'. I trust that everything will be fulfilled combined, trust in the competence and mainly have emotional confidence. Grupo Bridge is very close and I feel totally prioritized, feel the spotlight. "


"The relationship is the great advantage of Grupo Bridge. Every point of contact, creates a bond of relationship, friendship and affection. And the diagnosis of you is very deep, very well done, with great sensitivity and ease of reading. You may notice the results through the changes: the favored climate, transparency in relationships, people engaged in the topic. The solutions proposed by Grupo Bridge were so good that served as a parameter to the market in other themes that worked. "

Anderson Martins, RH OF GRANADO

"Grupo Bridge understood my scenario resulted in a proposal and set up the intelligence of the strategic model (...), leaving all safe and doing very well spend. The level of knowledge of the consultants, the teaching style and especially environmental readability make it all applies. This methodology makes my day to day as a manager because it translates everything in a simple way, that makes sense and engages people. So everyone buys the idea. I remember programs what has been learned already started to be applied by members of the team the very next working day. And just watch to notice clear signs of how the synergy and reciprocity between the people of the area only get better every day and generate positive impact on the relations between them and with customers and partners. "


"I've always worked with good consultants, but not before some of the same magnitude and complexity of Grupo Bridge. It was great the impact to the organization's results. I was very pleased, not only with the result but also with the process, which was well four hands. When I presented the information about I wanted to get the consultant brought a look at the whole with great suggestions. And the most important thing is that nothing was imposed, there was total flexibility and felt that my experience was taken into account all the time. "


"The differential Bridge is 'doing together' - in fact, I think this should be the slogan of you (laughs). The professionals are highly skilled, with a lot of luggage and repertoire and still make it a point to build together, all four hands, quite democratically. One of the reasons we seek to Grupo Bridge whenever we think of new human development projects is to know that we will achieve that level of customization outside of the curve. Always we ended up going beyond what we expected at the beginning and the result is amazing. Besides, of course, the team's energy, passing a lot of security and comfort, always prioritizing the relationship. You know those meetings 05 hours fly by and you do not even notice? It's always like this ... The agreement turns out to be a mere formality, for I trust 120% in compliance with all agreements. When I met the office of Grupo Bridge, which liked to see, beyond the amazing visual, it was the relationship between the team members. They work in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere, it appears that people relate well, as a true family ... When I read the company values adesivados Wall concluded that it must have turned a daily mantra, because they really have the Way Bridge ."

Matheus Olliveira, RURAL CHANNEL.

The differential of Bridge is the personalization of projects and care in offering solutions that are actually connected to the needs and time of the company. I often say that the Grupo Bridge came to my Boutiques catalog. At times, in fact we need to look at the market and see what advice have "shelf products", however, when I need to bring a solution that will make sense for the company always seek consultations with the boutique concept as well have something under as you can really look into the house. And so it has been our working relationship with the Bridge, we continued co-building Alê Moreira, with his knowledge and feeling, can translate our dreams and "travel" into something real and fully connected with Our Way of Being . "

Gisele Pereira, RURAL CANAL

"When I need to perform labor relations, team building and development groups, I am very secure with the Bridge. The Bridge consultants have an amazing capacity for work of Team Building, Leadership and Culture Transition to really generate change. It's not just theory is practice. I realize many results for the Bosch business. the behavior change is visible through gains in productivity and satisfaction of the team motivated to achieve the goals. and the Bridge is like an extension of Bosch due to many years of partnership and know the values, rules and requirements. the Bridge helps us to meet, either as a company or individual. "


"I remember like it was today. The development program for engineers in 2005 was key to driving change in the working model to build the Service Center that time, the coordinators took large teams and needed support, guidance and training to carry out the new role safely. it was then that I met Ale Moreira with his captivating performance. Ale led the various meetings and, at the end of the program, we celebrate together the evolution of the group in a retrospective of meetings event, reviewing photos, poetry and the materials produced, the sound of 'my house', just before the party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Bridge. All applied content was also very important for my training and, of course, I still remember several sentences, such as, 'Freeze!', 'how are you feeling now?' I? I feel very happy to know the Bridge and especially Ale, for I always meet with agility, professionalism and care. Recently, we initiated a new development project with Bridge, the company I work now and this time covering all company leaders, directors, managers and coordinators and I see that we are already reaping the first fruits. to Ale, my thank you and a loving kiss. a big hug to the Bridge team, congratulations to over 20 years of great work, growth and development. you already know but it's always good to hear, right? I appreciate the important role you play in the lives of so many people. what will another 20 years! "

Renata Bonifácio, HR MANAGER, WEX

"I have confidence in Bridge for long, complex projects. You are good to identify the root cause, are good diagnostic and above all, know expose this diagnosis very properly. Regardless of what was perceived and identified needs, I . I have the peace of mind that everything will be handled tactfully and kindness I like the personalization, co-construction, the Way of Being Bridge - more playful, lighter -. and as you understand our culture "


"I met the Bridge participating in a group you applied a job and soon realized that the style perfectly married with my need of the moment. So I chose the advice to my area as well and is being undoubtedly a success. The Bridge understood the scenario, resulted in a proposal and, in addition to mount the strategic model intelligence, trained who was not an expert to give life to the program on a daily basis, leaving all safe and doing elapse super good. the level of knowledge of the consultants, the teaching style and especially environmental readability make it all applies. This methodology makes my day to day as a manager because it translates everything in a simple way, that makes sense and engages people. So everyone buys the idea . I remember programs what has been learned already started to be applied by members of the team the very next working day. And just watch to notice clear signs of how the inergia and reciprocity among people of the area only get better every day and generate positive impact on relationships with customers and partners. "


"I am a the Bridge passionate customer. It is a very different advice. The Bridge Delivery fact and I, in my role within the specificity of my 'business' need for peace of mind, knowing that things will happen, I will never be in hand and that the combined is always delivered with great competence, quality and customization. it is as its name (bridge). it is a bridge that takes the place I am and take me I need to be. "


"When I think of the Bridge, I remember two things that marked me, both the period in which integration program here Cielo was being built. I was not part of the project team, but was rather curious, excited, wondering, wondering on. the first situation occurred at a meeting I attended in the diagnosis stage. the construction program was based on the Levels of Consciousness, a subject that pleases me a lot. When I spoke pro Felipe (Bridge consultant) about my interest in the subject, he was shown so interested in my own development, even I not part of the project team, he gave me reading tips and presented several ways to deepen the subject and me to develop as a professional. a little later, another situation struck me. in launching the eve of this program (I Cielo), I remember that we had a lot of materials to finish and we needed to feel safe having partnership with a flexible consulting and available. And remember that the consultant did his utmost to meet Cielo in schedules and deadlines we needed to get it right. So for me, the word that translates Bridge is 'partnership'. And these two moments reflect the availability and genuine interest of advice to contribute to our results. "

Luciana Sheppard, HR THE CIELO

The partnership with Bridge has been fundamental for the evolution and support of the cycle of changes and transformations of HM. All of the proposed solutions go beyond the business relationship, Brigde has a genuine concern on people and the growth of our business. The empathy, clarity, transparency, quality and technical depth of the consultants make all the difference in deliveries. We look forward to strengthening our relationship of trust, partnership and mutual success with Brigde.

Jordana Albuquerque, HR Manager, HM Engineering

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