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Creativity and vision of the future
2 de fevereiro de 2018 | Grupo Bridge

Bridge Group is a partner of Bradesco to stimulate Creativity in more than 2,500 employees.


Bridge teaches the themes 'Creative Behavior' and 'Creativity in the Digital World' at the UniBrad, Bradesco's Corporate University and the impact of its results become news in the newspapers.


Bradesco has been a client of the Bridge Group since 2015 when the consultancy started to support the institution by developing the courses 'Creative Behavior' and 'Creativity in the Digital World' to be part of the UniBrad framework, recognized as the world's best corporate university by GlobalCCU Awards 2017. By the end of 2017, more than 2,500 Bradesco's employees in more than 150 classes had already been trained in the subjects, at the Business Intelligence School. "We have the Bridge Group as a partner because we understand that it contributes to some of the UniBrad missions such as disseminate the innovation culture to the organization and develop two organizational competences: Globalized Vision and Creativity. Besides the development of disciplines for employees, it also brings repertoire and encouragement through inspiring events such as, for example, the IBEX (Innovation Bridge Experience), forums to discuss the theme 'The Best of Innovation', as well as the constant company contact to update us about the courses we have in our catalog", explains Carolina Veronica dos Santos Silveira, specialist in ICT, in Education and Instructional Design and Training Analyst at Bradesco.


The Creative Behavior course works the Creative Confidence, the first from Bradesco's Creativity and Innovation trail of courses in which, during a day, the employee goes through experiences and activities that bring to consciousness concepts such as confidence (in oneself and others), self-reflection about own strengths, group reflections sharing, problem-solving and ideas generation, dramatization, co-construction, and discussion of the meaning of such learning. "We realize that this experience enables the employees to review their actions and rethink their way of working and giving value within the organization, believing more on themselves and their ability to make the change," observes Celso Braga, managing partner of Bridge Group.


In 2017, Bridge consultancy promoted a meeting with UniBrad to think about new possibilities, reflect about trends and news, share suggestions and encourage co-construction of new solutions. For these reasons, the institution understands that the Bridge Group is a partner company, always willing to bring new findings, expand the repertoire, and promote discussions with other companies and people about collaboration and sustainability issues. "The Bridge Group is always close and concerned about Bradesco success, being concerned every year about the evaluation of its performance to offer the best for our projects," remarks Carolina.


Creative Behavior instigated a vision of future at Bradesco


According to Carolina, the Creative Behavior theme was approached precisely at a time when Bradesco was restructuring the School's strategy, in this case, Business Intelligence to reestablish the creativity and innovation concepts according to the market. Thus, it was through Bridge Group's great vision references, names such as Maturana, Moreno, and Paulo Freire that Bradesco approached the vision of the future based on the assumption that Creative Confidence embraces creativity. Therefore, the course "Creative Behavior" was built and became available to employees from several areas of Bradesco in a long way. "The idea was to skip concept that creativity was the ability to improvise, to really follow what we have as a concept of organizational competence. Creativity is the 'ability to perceive, analyze and review a fact, a concept, a service or a new point of view. Competence to explore new ideas to solve problems, improve processes and keep imagination active, intuition and the originality spirit'. In order to emphasize creativity, there must be self-confidence," explains Carolina.

Celso Braga of the Bridge Group, also emphasizes that, in order to be able to look at the new and to express the own ideas, it is necessary that the person knows its potential and has the courage to give new ideas, to have an opinion, to have a market vision and purpose of making happen within the organization, in addition to being able to argue and defend their point of view based on their experiences.


Creativity in the Digital World for Mindset transformation


The Creativity in the Digital World course, aimed to Bradesco's Digital Relationship Managers, was a demand at a time when the Digital School emerged, and it was necessary to develop several competencies and concepts for the Mindset transformation, from the Operational to the Digital. Therefore, a solution was presented with the aim of stimulating creativity in the account managers, strengthening their spontaneity to give new answers at a virtual relationship with clients’ scenario, hitherto new to them. "Creativity is the most developed form of human spontaneity in a performance of a role. The course was designed within this premise to make employees aware of the form new exchanges and new customer relationships work through the digital universe with new apps, fewer physical agencies, and the must give faster and more real answers to be the customers' first bank option. In this solution, we understand that the refined creativity is precisely the behavior change we needed for this group, which is to be more aware and responsive to the Market needs," states Carolina.


UniBrad looks at the 'Creative Behavior' theme as a more generalist approach, working creativity at Organizational Competency so that the employee can grow in his career with confidence, spontaneity, and courage to take on new challenges and give new answers. Whereas the theme 'Creativity in the Digital World' is necessary in the context of customer service and relationship, with the understanding that the world and relationships are changing and that customers want faster answers: they know their rights, they want a direct relationship, real-time and accurate. "Customers have a world of choices inside their cell phones, they access anything in one touch. At the same time, with one touch, they can opt for other suppliers. Thus, it is necessary to change the behavior before this scenario to ensure that we become the number one bank of our clients," concludes Carolina.


The impact of the innovation initiatives implemented by Bradesco and conducted by the Bridge Group was recognized as a success case by the market and you can find more information and testimonials of participants accessing the ESTADÃO material, clicking here, as well as COMPUTERWORLD, clicking here.

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