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The Bridge Group is restless. Always paying attention to future and attentive to emerging trends, we have the desire to build the future, not the one to "predict" it. IBEX, or Innovation Bridge Experience, is our front line responsible for making our innovation experience and know-how available. We want to share it with everyone: Companies, People, and Society. By connecting ourselves with the world, with international references, with other authors, cultures, and experiences, we take what we have and our beliefs and also, we nurture ourselves with whatever is new. This is how we convert ourselves. The product of those transformations and innovations take shape and we make available to the market through:

- Authorship Books and Publications

- Articles and Research about Trends and Innovation

- Forums and dialog sessions about Future

Furthermore, annually, we perform a great event where we bring together people from several parts of the country and worldwide to discuss the future of Human Development. This event bears the same name, IBEX.

- IBEX Event – Innovation Bridge Experience:

The IBEX 2017 (Innovation Bridge Experience) brought to Brazil Traian Bruma, founder of the Romanian Alternative University e Sebastián Gaggero from Matríztica School of Santiago (Chile). Together with the directors of the Bridge Group, Celso Braga and Sergio Cruz, and several experts and researchers in future scenarios, it was possible to live an innovation day. The innovation and the future permeated all spheres: Labor, Education, and Society. Besides, to talk about the Future of Education and world's development, the event, which also hosts the "Best of Innovation" award, presented a new approach to the concept of Productive Collaboration.

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