Bridge Methodology

Our Solution YOUR Solution

Here at the Bridge, every project, program or work proposal are always created from scratch and co-built with partners and customers. Our service catalog is a blank page and it will be drawn to you.

We live with the truth and be a real partner! Immerse ourselves in your culture to generate results. Knowing your background and your scenario. Customize and innovate. Design unique and original designs. For this, we developed a methodology called Knowledge Architecture.

Knowledge Architecture  

This is our copyright model for the construction of projects and practical solutions for organizations. From the Knowledge Architecture Design, we understand your current situation and draw the path to reach the desired setting. Taking into account assumptions and conceptual frameworks that will guide the project, we gathered a group of education and human development actions and insert the elements to connect and sustain change.

From the expansion of consciousness and individual empowerment, relationships are improved, the environment changed and result become visible.

Pedagogy Bridge

This is our copyright model to teach, train and develop individuals and groups. It is a methodology based on three main authors, Jacob Levy Moreno, Paulo Freire and Humberto Maturana and stimulates the Creative Transformation Awareness and Empathy Expansion and Autonomy Protagonist. This is the set of factors that promotes improvement in the professional role and results for the business.

In practice, participants experience scenes from their daily lives, in a playful and deeply way for a conscious change in behavior. The planning of every educational action or development, classroom or distance may include, for example, the concept of explanation, discussion groups, or virtual games, role-playing and sharing ideas.

The Bridge Consultant, when they enter a room, they do more than just teaching or sharing knowledge. They are fully qualified to make a groupal reading, analyzing and diagnosing assumptions in real time to match the activities spontaneously according to what makes most sense for the development of each group, in addition to nourish them with important information and insights to support the project, contributing to the business.

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