Our Team

Celso Braga
Celso is an obstinate dreamer and director. Partner-director of Grupo Bridge, he is married to Adriana, father of Lucas and Mateus. He loves to look ahead and build the future.

Sergio Cruz
A master specialist with a lot of sensitivity to read people and work on relationships and groups. Partner-director of Grupo Bridge, he likes to build projects, learn and teach.

Alessandra Denis
Alê Denis is a consultant who likes to make a difference in people's lives, conducting educational solutions and strengthening teams.

Alessandra Lima
Alê Lima takes care of Planning and attends clients with great dedication. She insists that she is the first Alessandra of Grupo Bridge because she has been here for over ten years.

Alessandra Moreira
Alê Moreira is great at developing projects and management. Technical manager of Grupo Bridge, she likes to take care of people. She is married to Ed Aldwrin and Duda’s mother, the passions of her life.

Alessandra Ramos
Ale is a Knowledge Management Analyst at Bridge, married to Marcos and the mother of the little Nícolas and Catarina, takes time to support people and organizations.

André Carvalho
He is a human development consultant known for his calm and relational way of being. Son of Dona Creusa and Seu Bento, he likes to collect stories.

Ayrton Rizzardo
Ayrton (affectionately nicknamed by us as Arthur) is our intern consultant. Lover and football practitioner, he always aims to give his best in all aspects of life! He cares a lot about people and seeks to give a human touch in everything he does!

Barbara Crespo
Bi is a consultant specializing in human development work. She likes to travel and spend time with family and friends.

Bruno Cancian
Graduated in human resources management, Bruno is a planning analyst for Grupo Bridge. Organization and commitment are his features.

Caroline Souza
Carol is an administrative assistant, takes care of customer service and financial support. She has a sweet and friendly way of energizing the company.

Christopher Taylor
Chris is our American designer, who, deep down, is more Brazilian. He´s always making funny faces and expressions at his computer screen as he analyses if his creations are good.

Cintia Martins
She could easily make a living by doing Stand-Up Comedy, but because of her vast experience in HR and human development, she decided to be a consultant and work with us - to our delight!

Denilson Grecchi
Father of the little Sophia and Lucca, at Grupo Bridge is a master consultant and psychologist who, although it is Generation X, loves technology and stories with meaning, whether in the real or virtual world.

Fernanda Macedo
Fê Macedo is a person who takes care of people like no one else. Sensitive, caring, and careful with everyone, she is a consultant who loves to help develop people

Janice Gonçalves
Jan is a psychologist and human development consultant at Grupo Bridge. She likes rock'n roll, Gustavo's aunt and loves to travel to see different places.

Jonatas Ferreira
Johnny is a high-spirited person, always with a smile on his face and willing to help everyone. Be it building homes at social organizations or here at Grupo Bridge, he always improves the environment! He's our representative of HR and of our social front, Bridge 36,5º.

Jorge Barros
He has a mix of German and Alagoas blood, he is a paulistano that loves drawing people during his spare time. He is a marketing and commercial manager at Grupo Bridge.

Leticia Ribeiro
Le is responsible for building and preparing the proposals, as well as contributing to the entire Commercial area of the Grupo Bridge. She´s very energetic.

Magele Valdo
Graduated in Psychology, Magele has 11 years of experience in career counseling and organizational psychology. At Grupo Bridge, she specialized in innovation, Knowledge Management, Human Development and Recruitment and Selection.

Márcio Bueno
This is the guy who has the gift of solving everything. He does not like to leave anything for tomorrow and he does everything to leave us well served in infrastructure, technology and system.

Raquel Araujo
Raquel is a financial analyst. She has is very active, friendly and has conquered all our hearts!

Renata Stefaneli
Rê is a coach and consultant for the Grupo Bridge. She has a contagious energy and believes that looking at herself is key to improving work, relationships and life itself.

Rodrigo Maia
Rô Maia, also nicknamed Bino or Mestre, is a designer at Grupo Bridge, a musician in his spare time, addicted to cartoons and technology.

Rodrigo Rosa
Rô Rosa is part of Grupo Bridge´s X.Five and IBEX team. Involved in research and innovation, he is passionate about Fashion and Culture. He likes to keep things organized and his willingness make his job stand out and differentiate.

Sheila Gomes
The commercial manager here at Grupo Bridge who cherishes ​​excellence and quality in everything she does. Always willing and humorous, we know we can always count on her!

Tábata Bega
Tábata is a Psychologist and specialist in Human Development and People Management projects. Dona Sueli and Seu Jair´s daughter, she learned that work can be productive and enjoyable at the same time, as long as we can live and do what we believe.

Veronica Almeida
Ve works in the area of company planning. She is dedicated to organizing the schedule of everyone´s work always in the best possible way.

Vincius Marques
Vini is our roots designer. He exudes happiness and spontaneity, with his gift of wringing smiles and distributing joy. It's impossible not to laugh with this boy.

Viviane Garcia
Responsible for Finance, Vivi is the soft touch of the company. Her delicate and affectionate way is her differential and responsible for captivating those who surround her.

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