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Emporwerment: An Inspiring Leadership (Free e-book)

That dream team, the desired autonomous team, with people who are protagonists, who seek their self-development, who are engaged in the search for what is best for the organization ... who doesn't want that? Empowerment is the term commonly used to designate this type of behavior, of delegating or assigning to the collaborators of the organizations the power to transform. After developing and training more than 40,000 leaders throughout more than 20 years as a consultant, Celso Braga shows in this book the 11 characteristics of an inspiring leader. You will get to know the 03 main and different ways to influence people and exercise your leadership capacity in the environment where you are and develop the greatest potential of each individual for a common goal for the organization. This E-book is free! Download it now at:

Lifelong Learning: Learning for Life (Free E-book)

A result of long discussions with education and human development experts, the book details the concept of Lifelong Learning since its inception in Europe, to the way Brazil has treated the issue in a pragmatic way. Through this book, it is possible to understand the importance of being open to learning throughout life and for life, so that the main gain is always to combine development with that which matches our own essence. This 52-page book is digital and can be downloaded for free in PDF format for Desktop or Android and IOS for Mobile at this link:

A Magia dos Sentimentos (The Magic of Feelings)

Have you ever felt emotionally insecure about the need to decide on a job or home change, or ending a relationship? Perhaps, after making the decision, you realized that things happened differently from what you had imagined. When this occurs, you are in doubt whether you have the emotional conditions to support and maintain your position. Sometimes you feel guilty thinking that you have made the wrong decision. It is a must to realize how much our decisions are influenced by and can influence our emotions. And these doubts can lead you into an attitude of indifference towards other people, thinking that, alone, you can solve better the issues. In addition to that, many people have the impression of being alone and aimless. Thus, they cannot feel happy or have the welfare feeling with themselves.


This book helps create more stable and welcoming family, social, and professional environments.


Throughout the Science history, we have learned to separate reason from emotion. However, they are interconnected, and they exist at the same time in the brain. The Magic of Feelings causes your inner strength to gain a new dimension of balance between reason and emotion. The integration of emotions with reason will allow you to consciously choose more effective actions and change your life.

The Magic of Feelings consists in understanding and even experience all your emotions being able, however, to master the form to express each of them. You will realize the way you react in all sort of situations and create the ability to deal with your emotions and feelings in each moment. Give all your emotions a chance and discover a new "you" in there!

The Holon Leadership

Based on extensive experience as a consultant in leadership programs, Celso Braga looks at why the growing desire of organizations in developing a behavior protagonist in their employees can find a huge obstacle when the leadership does not have a humanistic proposal for the relationship between the leader and the one who is being led.

According to the author, most employees are excluded from the process of expansion of consciousness when there is not a stimulating open dialogue. Thus, organizations are at serious risk of never taking advantage of the potential contribution of teams to business results. For Braga, the secret of successful leaders is to encourage a dialogue that motivates the perception of scenarios to reflect upon overcoming mental models and thus act on the contribution of spaces that are inserted.

Based on its practice and authors who refer their analysis, the author reveals the influence of organizational structures, especially the hierarchical structure, and exposes the common confusion that is established between the position that the person occupies in the organization and their level of consciousness. It then shows the proposed Holon Leadership as an alternative to building a more humane environment and success in organizations. It offers a way of encouraging leaders and followers to have a productive and fulfilling life in the context of work. Celso Braga is a psychologist, teacher education, senior consultant of leadership programs and managing partner of Bridge Group.

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Innovation, dialogues on practice

Innovation is one of the acceleration of competitiveness factors. For us, this was the starting point to begin our dialogue. This book is the result of a year of meetings between several people who were interested in defining what is to be innovative in their organizations. We draw on our conversations, the perception that there is innovation in addition to PD&1 (Research, Development and Innovation) and found great potential coming from the very people innovating in everyday life.

They are dialogues about the practice of innovation that does not involve financial investment; instead they involve a culture for innovation that allows people to express their maximum capacity in the search for better results and an environment where the effective participation results in the sense of belonging in a different motivation. This book stimulates the practice of innovation that can (and should) be applied in daily life for organizations seeking an answer on how maintaining their competitiveness in harsh environments.

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The Ontical Journey

A vision for a sustainable world from organizations. This book is a collaborative work, the result of formal reflections, experiences and exciting discoveries to build a meaningful and confident future.

"What are we readers going to find in this work? Among many other possibilities, we will certainly find a message of confidence in personal and social future." Jair Militão da Slivam, PhD in Education from USP São Paulo and Master in Philosophy of Education at PUC São Paulo.

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