Who We Are

Our group promotes human development solutions for organizations. We believe in the immense potential of the human being and their capacity to transform, which can be leveraged to achieve unimaginable deeds. Since 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to contributing to the climate, environment and health of organizations.

We love taking care of people, we develop people's behavior, promote education, strengthen relationships, and broaden everyone's vision and awareness to achieve the best results.

We are certain that a transformation, as well as an evolution in the waywork andrelationships are made, and a new movement in organizations and in society are all about to come. Rather than being part of the change, we want to make the changes happen, we want tobe theco-authors of this change. And we want you with us!

Transformers Network

We realize that the market and the world have increasingly required people that are capable of connecting knowledge and experience to transform and promote the innovation that is to come.

We want to attract more people who also believe in their capacity, people who make the connections and lead positive change in the environments where they are inserted.

For this reason, we invite you to be part of this Network.

Our Pratice Areas:

To render services to Companies, People and Society, we have organized ourserlves through 04 different sub-brands:

For Companies: Bridge is the brand that serves corporations through consulting, development and behavioral training services.

For People: X.five is the practice devoted to individuals with a focus on self-development. 

For Society: Bridge 36,5° represents our social action by rendering services to social organizations and projects.

For everybody to innovate: IBEX  is the brand that signs our innovation experiences for every and all persons through events, forums and publications. 

The Way of Being Bridge


We choose to work in an intelligent, coherent and fun way. In order to design and develop all of our projects, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the most diverse backgrounds. They are Educators, Consultants, Specialists in Knowledge Management, Technology and Innovation, Psychologists, Psychopedagogues, Psychodramatists, Masters, Administrators, Advertisers and Designers, all in love with people.

We often say that this is our "cauldron," the place where we have a good mix that makes a difference in everything we build every day. We create a free, light and humorous environment. Here, for more than 20 years, people are allowed to have dreams, create and innovate.

Testimonials of the Founding Partners:

Depoimento de Celso Braga Testimony of Celso Braga (Managing Partner and Founder of Bridge Group): 

"The Bridge group was created from an idea that we had to share with other companies what we and Sergio were already doing in a unit of the Votorantin group. We had pure and dreamy soul and we wanted to share with the world a vision of humanized actions.

Our first act together was adialogue with a group of leaders. We had no material to show them. At that moment all of our emotions were all on the the reconstruction of the professional role of that group. We had some meetings like that. How amazing it was! People came to watch from the crevice of a window to see what we were doing. Their imagination ran loose, some people even said we were into witchcraft. They did not even know how they helped us. The CEO wanted us to explain what we were doing and with much dedication we presented the theory that supported everything and also every planned step for a group of directors and managers. At the end, we received unconditional support from the number 1 of the company and we were congratulated for the consistency of our initiative. We always make sure to do everything with a perfect theoretical foundation.

We never pay attention to competitors. Over the years, we have always been focused on maintaining our own consistency. We are focused on our development and continuous growth. We were on our own for a year and from that point, we startedlooking for people to be a part of it. Well, today we are 30, but in fact, we have already been 100. Crises come and go, and we had to learn how to deal with them. From these 30 people, more than half have spent 10 years with us while the others are all in that same direction. We believe in long-term relationships. The period we were shrinking was hard. Now when it comes to achievements, we had years that were very good, and also some bad ones too. I think about 80%of the years were good and 20% bad.

We still have a lot to do and, every day, we seek for ways to improve as a company, as people and as entrepreneurs. Our strength comes from the true partnership built by, first of all,the two of us and then by everyone that is with us. We have a humanized company and It is our wish that our collaborators have a unique experience here and we work hard to make it happen. We want people to be happy by using all of their capability, which sometimes gives us much pleasure and pride, and in other times, growing pain for breaking paradigms.

Our letter of intent, written with our employees ten years ago, is as current as ever. In the end, it really represents our essence. Our values ​​are shared by all and I get touched every time I hear someone from the Bridge Group talking about how here we live committed to what we have defined for ourselves and always with the participation of everyone. We call what we do as “Knowledge Architecture”. I think it represents what we are –“perfection” in structures, which must be solid, and “beauty”, to explain how we think. The outcome is that space you can not explain, but you easily fall in love. "


Testimony of Sergio Cruz (Managing Partner and Founder of The Bridge Group):

"I've always wanted people to see Bridge as a place where they can have support, a place whose purpose is to fulfill dreams, a place whereeveryone can dream about becomingwhoever they want to become. No one here needs to be stuck at a certain task. We have several examples of people who started at a certain job and, along the way, found themselves with other potentialities or started dreaming about doing something else in life and then they just went after it. You do not have to leave the company to search for another job to do. Some people joke that I do a “personogram”rather than an organogram. And for me, that's right. While building our organization chart, I do not see any problem with making a “personogram”in function of the people instead of people in function of theorganization chart. It's our principle to put people at the center of our decisions and I appreciate this kind of humanist administration. When I talk about fulfilling dreams, I also mean in the financial sense. Everyone has financial dreams. Some dream of changing cars, others dream of owning a house, others dream about getting rid of debts and others think about financing the trip of their lives. The work must welcome all these dreams. I believe that everyone should support their dreams, earn a living. But they do not need to impoverish their personal lives in order to earn that money, that is, they do not need to see work as a burden, many times doing activities they do not identify themselves with, for example, or sacrificing themselves with tons of work for the remuneration of their dreams. The work itself has to be a great. Not only the working process should be pleasant, but the outcomes too.

I think it is important that in the place of work, people can develop relationships based on trust. That's why I was against the traditional consultant format, which hires people by project or freelancers. We made the decision that here everyone would stay permanently. I think it is of great importance that everyone is immersed in the same culture and have unified identity and values while ensuring their own work methodology. When I made that decision, many people in the market though I was crazy. They would say I had put a knife in my own neck at a fixed cost without knowing when I would have more or less demand for projects. "And this really is true, the cost stresses the entrepreneur, but it is also a differentiation for the business to the point of view of the client. And the customers who are with us value a highly personalized type of service and demand people who dominate their culture and language.

By the way, when they say I'm crazy, I tend to be more instigated to make the decision. Most of the decisions that I made and that worked very well seemed crazy to others. And maybe yes I'm a little crazy. Well, I have been going to my therapist Vera for 25 years now (laughs). And while I am there what I do the most is I tryto understand myself and realize why I do what I do. No wonder I am a psychologist and a master of philosophy myself. I do think I am a little crazy (laughs). I also have the Bridge group plunge into into therapeutic sessions too in order to have them ask themselves "why Bridge Group does what it does". And the best way to live life is by not deviating from what you were designed for. And this ends up being some sort of remedy that can also be given to the clients. It is part of our mission. Every company as well as its culture, must always be oriented to what its mission is. One thing I am sure about is that our group was not created to dominate the world, it has never been its purpose. Not in the sense of getting super rich, increasing capital, becoming famous, these things. My way of seeing the economy is of an organization that does not only live for empowering the capital, but rather ensuring there is a distribution of these resources and that they serve the good of all.

It is not because I think all of this is "cool" or just so that the process is good for people. There is intelligence involved There are good outcomes for the business as well as for the customers. This sauce is what make the difference, the seasoning, the preparation, the way to do it differently. We also use it for our advantage, internally. If we have a challenge to overcome as a business, I count on everyone giving their best to achieve the result. When we are successful, whenever possible, I like to share it with everyone - through bonus, participation or some other form of reward, including financial - as a form of recognition. "


Testimony of the Academicist Jair Militão on the Bridge Group: 

“From what I have been able to seeduring every step by the initiators of the Bridge Group, I have always been struck by the consistent anthropological vision they have adopted. The man as a being of relationship, endowed with intelligence, memory, will, with the ability to issue answers with autonomyby reading the reality in which it is inserted. The Bridge Group offers its energies for the search of a more human and therefore sustainable world. "



Learn some curious aspects about the Bridge Group

Free Space: Bridge promotes freedom and liberties. It allows, for example, hosting children of employees and is very common to find them around the company when parents prefer or need. Children are welcome and cheer the environment (#BridgeKids). There is also no harm in coming here to work in shorts. Men do not need to suffer when it's summer. (#Bermudamentos).

Happy Monday: Every Monday, some employee usually brings something to eat prepared by himself to share with everyone. Every second there is a breakfast where everyone gets together to share, eat and have a good time. Management.

Participative and Environment Open: From strategic planning to the management processes and roles there is usually the participation of teams in the models. It is also common to involve people in decision-making about things that would impact everyone. Directors do not isolate themselves and managers do not stay in separate rooms. Open spaces and shared desks often form the environment of the Bridge Group. There are no closed doors.

Ritual of the Atom: We usually call “ritual”those meetings or activities that must be steeped in culture and happen to constancy. The Atom Ritual is a weekly meeting where all the people of the company participate. It is like an X-ray, where all the strategic information of the organization is shown - procedural, commercial, financial and business. Everyone can ask, give their opinions and give them ideas.

Game BM & F Bridge: The company decided that everyone should look at the business and outcomes in a playful way now, we have created a game that simulates the investment exchange where each employee is an investor and every customer is a potential investment portfolio. This makes everyone fight for the results, not only of the Bridge Group, but also of its customers. The more you value each customer action within the game, the more the team or player wins. It is a pleasurable and thought-provoking way to focus on business and business issues.

The Ontical Journey: The Bridge Group has set up an innovative plan to achieve a business model for social impact and shared with the world through 9 steps. After telling these steps to thinkers of American universities and realizing the good reception of ideas, the group decided to publish in a book the experience and the steps of this Ontical Journey. This is the way of seeing the world from the perspective of the Bridge Group, a sustainable world view through organizations.

Intimacy Strategy Customer: The organization's strategy is market differentiation through customer intimacy. The structure, the processes, and the people are geared to this. Everyone - not just FrontOffice - should know the clients, if possible, face to face and know their preferences, birthdays, etc. Everyone gets together to talk about clients and to know their desires, challenges, needs, goals, etc. And consultants are free to be with the customer at any time, available to exchange ideas, think about solutions or just go out for coffee. There must be a genuine interest of each employee in contributing to the results of each client. And it is not necessary to insist on anything on the customer. The results come naturally.

Key Messages: Our annual strategy is summarized for employees in some Key Messages for terms such as the focus of the year. Currently, we have five Key Messages: People who care (taking good care of all customers and accompany them in their needs, focusing on what is of value for them), excellence (to be deep and be the best to provide the best for the customer) Wow (meaning to delight the customer and offer what goes beyond your expectations), Chega Mais (attracting more customers to transform more people), money (which is to focus on the sustainability of the business to do better).

Relationship Marketing: The Bridge Group marketing is not usually focused on promotional or advertising. We have been in the market for 21 years and mainly focused on developing supportive relationships. Taking advantage of the affective vocation of the internal people and the value that clients and market place in trustworthy consulting, the marketing strategy basically focuses on creating bonds of trust with their clients, both in the sense of competence in what they do and in affective issues of good care. This way, the company has grown and continuouslyincreased the number of new business customers, mainly through the indication of one customer to another. Testimony of the Marketing Manager (Jorge Barros):

"While researching a lot of the market and external theories, the Bridge Group's marketing strategy has emerged more from the inside out than the other way around. I had to dive into the essences of Bridge to find out what kind of marketing would be to our face. It took me a while to understand what we really are and what are our strengths, to use all this to our advantage. In the old days, it seemed thatno one around here really liked talking about business, selling, money, business. It was as if this did not match human development. Researching the market, I discovered that in our segment, more than advertising, customers value relationships of trust. And then I realized the enormous relational character imprinted on the people that are working on the Bridge Group. Then all I had to do was matching successfully two desires at once in order to design the marketing strategy. Today everyone feels good about the subject and understands that the best way to develop new business is precisely doing what everyone else likes to do: taking good care of the people they work with. Relationship marketing is, in fact, looking after people with competence, integrity and benevolence. " 

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